Recovering Men Conversations Agreements


On the registration form I promised that you can be completely anonymous on the calls. Here’s how to do that most thoroughly:

To keep your name confidential:
Go into your Zoom settings – Profile – and edit your profile so that your display name contains only your first name or a pseudonym. You can do this before the call to be most thorough, or on arrival if necessary (and then I can guide you through it).

To keep your image off the call:
Turn off your video (the button is on the bottom left of your Zoom screen). Also make sure you don’t have a picture of yourself as a profile picture, as that will be displayed as an alternative if your video is off.

We promise not to record the call in any way.


We ask all those present to hold the content of the calls confidential.

And if none of this is a concern to you, you are equally welcome, provided you respect the confidentiality agreement and the anonymity needs of others. My goal is for each person to choose the level of anonymity that is comfortable for you.