27 April 2020: Taking stock after prostatectomy: it’s been two months and I have so much to be grateful for. First of all I am grateful for my life! Also, I am grateful for undetectable cancer levels and only very mild urine control issues. On the other hand, my sexual function seems worse affected as each day goes by, and I am both frightened and puzzled by this.

Video reflections

Here’s my best two-minute summary of how it all feels:

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I recorded this “vlog” style video exactly two months after my radical prostatectomy surgery. We are celebrating Freedom Day here in South Africa today. I am also celebrating my freedom (so far) from prostate cancer. There is so much to be grateful for!

Confusion and research

And regarding my sexual function worries, I am searching for resources. Recently I found this good summary of the impact of prostate cancer treatment on erectile function and some tips for rehabilitation. More in future posts.

A note on dates

This blog is posted a year in arrears. This gives me time to reflect and to pluck up courage to write about these rather personal subjects. However videos were shot in real time, and content of my blog posts is based on what I knew back at that time and recorded in my journal.

So while I posted this in 2021, the video was actually recorded live a year ago on 27 April 2020.