27 February 2023: My experience of life after prostate cancer: loss is inevitable. Adaptation and recovery are possible.

This morning I am celebrating exactly 3 years since my radical prostatectomy. I have no regrets. I’m lucky that my cancer is still at bay. And I test my PSA regularly, knowing the cancer can still come back at any time.

I invite you to tap below and watch my 3 minute video, taking stock of 3 years without my prostate:

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Below are some notes from the video.

Healthy lifestyle gives my body its best chance against the cancer

My main defences against the cancer are diet and exercise. I know they are not guarantees. I believe eating only healthy food and exercising two hours a day help my immune system do its job. Natural  support for it to weed out the cancer cells that will inevitably be produced in my body from time to time.

I really enjoy eating healthy natural, mostly plant based and mostly organic foods with minimal processing. And I dedicate on average two hours a day to fitness – physical, emotional and spiritual. This includes yoga, running and strength exercises in our backyard. More details in the video.

Side effects of prostate cancer treatment are no joke

I was one of the lucky ones with urine control. Sexual function has been a complex journey. My mantra has helped: my sexuality is more than my erections, my libido is more than my sexuality, and my manhood is more than my libido. All of these have been challenged and redefined in the last three years.

Basically I have a new and different body. I can still make love, I can still have orgasms – and it all works differently. There is less of that hard thrusting sexuality that I had as a young man.

My partner has also taken time to adapt to this new body and its new needs. Like I said, we can still make love, but it is less genitally centred.

What it all means for my identity

And my identity has broadened. I am more able to own the part of me that is not 100% straight. I have learned a lot about not getting all that I want, and still being grateful for the gifts of life and desire and opportunity.