Here is a remarkable prostate cancer survivor story documented live, as it happened, on video – with loving care and clarity.

“It’s an inner journey, deep in my core spirit, soul – and I have to walk it myself. I didn’t know anything about the journey with the effects it can have on you,” says David.

His gift to the world is that, with the help of an excellent film maker, he documents and shares the whole journey with us. The video includes live footage of just about everything. In-theatre video of the robotic machine in action, consultations with surgeon and physiotherapist, the works. I encourage you to watch it now.

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I feel deeply privileged to have met David Dyke, a strong and gentle Australian man – as a participant in our ongoing global prostate cancer survivor conversations.

What struck me most was David’s strong and positive energy, and I asked him about that.

I was devastated when I got my prostate cancer diagnosis. I cried for 24 hours almost non-stop. But after my video was released I felt renewed energy. I turn adversity – I flip it over into opportunity.

David spent 38 years working for Telstra, the Australian telecomms company. Very much a manly man’s world.

So then the obvious question came next: how did you find, or retain, your gentleness and kindness through the hard exterior of being a field manager in a rough-tough culture? David says he was bullied at school, but he stood up for himself. He recalls staking a claim for his personal power right back at the age of 9. What a gift! He also finds he is at his best when there are really big challenges – catastrophes if you like – and that reminded me of Steven Biddulph’s book celebrating what is good about Manhood.

I am not sure I have the full answer to the roots of David Dyke’s strength and generosity, and I invite you to watch David’s prostate cancer video documentary and see for yourself.