27 February 2022: There is so much to be grateful for, two years after my radical prostatectomy. And there are losses and changes that continue to upset and confuse me.

Beforehand, my urologist said cryptically “after I remove your prostate, you won’t be quite the same man.” I just hoped for the best. Now, after two years, I am getting some idea of what he could have meant. There is a lot that I like about the new man that is emerging, and the wonderful family and friends who continue to bring joy into my life and the world.

Here’s a 90-second video clip recorded exactly on the second anniversary of my robotic surgery. Some birds, the wind and my neighbour’s dogs also have their say.

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Highlights: two years after prostatectomy

  • Prostate cancer still undetectable – yay!
  • Just turned 64 and grateful that people “still need me, still feed me”
  • More gratitude for this life
  • Not working so hard – but still very active
  • Not yet sure if my erectile function will still improve further. Adapting
  • Met so many wonderful people through this blog and support group
  • More able to receive – a breakthrough for my manhood

Update on this blog and support group

When I started this blog, I was yearning for companionship with other survivors on this prostate cancer journey. It was relatively easy to Google the science, but so many support groups seemed to be focused on either medical technicalities or debates about the iniquities of medical insurance.

I wanted more. I wanted real intimate conversation. Deeper sharing of how, as my urologist said, this cancer and its treatment have changed us. And how we, in turn, have adapted to our new bodies.

People said, men don’t talk about these things.

Now, two years on, I am celebrating the wonderful stories that are emerging on this website and beyond. Prostate cancer survivors and their partners are sharing, both in this blog, and in wonderful support groups including but not limited to the global Zoom Recovering Men group.

This is a big gift and I am inspired by my fellow survivors. Thank you!