I’m amazed at this new wearable erection tracker app. The wearable part supports, prolongs and strengthens erections the best I have ever experienced. And the tracker app logs erection strength, frequency and duration with uncanny accuracy and sensitivity.

The wearable sensor is remarkably effective at gathering data about spontaneous erections while you sleep without being uncomfortable or intrusive. This is particularly important for health purposes including during recovery from prostate cancer treatment. It can also gather detailed erectile firmness data during sex. Later, you can download the data to your phone to review and analyse in an app. And it incorporates a comfortable, gentle yet effective pair of tension rings that help the penis retain blood and improve erection hardness and durability. What’s not to like about all that?

I’ve been testing a review unit for a month. I want to tell you how it works, what works well and where there is room for improvement. Full disclosure: I purchased a cheaper version of the device in 2023 without the data logger, and wrote a spontaneous review reporting that it was the best penis ring I have experienced to date. It was after this that they sent me the data logging version as a free review sample. I also previously interviewed the couple behind the business, was fascinated and published their innovation story.

How the wearable erection tracker works

There is a small waterproof wearable data logger encased in remarkably soft, stretchy elastomer which is worn wrapped around the base of the penis. I particularly like the clip-on design which makes it easy to avoid hurting one’s more delicate body parts or ripping out pubic hair. It’s soft and stretchy enough to wear continuously overnight as well as during intercourse.

Recording is controlled via a mobile phone app which has to connect to the data logger via Bluetooth. You switch it on and enable recording using the app. Then it automatically disconnects from Bluetooth, cutting all radiation while you wear the erection tracker device. It then literally tracks the ups and downs of your erections for up to 12 hours. After recording, you reconnect with the phone, download the data and then get a graph similar to the one shown above – complete with the time of day, duration and firmness of each erection.

How the wearable erection support rings work

The data logger is encased in a long, stretchy loop that doubles back on itself. One loop goes around the base of the penis, with a second loop below and behind the scrotum. Then there is an ingenious clip to get it fitting snugly without having to shave or be in danger of crushing testicles. I was amazed how soft and comfortable it is to wear. The manufacturer advises that unlike many tighter constriction rings, this one is safe to keep on all through the night.

Even though it is so soft and stretchy, the double “sling” effect is extraordinarily effective at supporting and prolonging the rather unreliable and weak erections I have been getting since my prostate surgery. It is designed to facilitated the inflow of arterial blood to the penis, and restrict the outflow of venous blood.

Somehow, when I am wearing this ring, my penis responds quicker to arousal signals. And when I get an erection, the old familiar sense of eagerness, enthusiasm and firmness is more solid and long lasting. It doesn’t fix everything, mind you – my erections can and do often disappear without warning – but it helps more than anything else I have tried. Note that I have spoken to at least one fellow prostate cancer survivor for whom the ring doesn’t work nearly as well as it does for me. I suspect each man’s anatomy is different and this design evidently doesn’t suit everyone equally.

I have described the mechanism in more gritty detail, including photos and diagrams in My favourite cock ring.

Tracking erectile function data using the app

erection tracking app dashboardEach time you record a session you get a graph as shown at the top of this post. This might include active sex or simply the spontaneous nocturnal erections that are your body’s natural automated penile maintenance routine. Over time, the app builds up a broader health dashboard shown here. It tracks indicators including erectile fitness and average firmness.

For data lovers there are various nerdy options like giving each session a “star” rating, categorising each erection according to its source, and tracking various other helpers and detractors such as alcohol consumption.

What surprised me is how accurate the scale is for me. I have checked by using the tracker while awake. The erection it rates as a 10 is also what I experience as full strength, 10/10. And the 5 on the graph matches my sensation of a 5 out of 10 (sadly quite frequent these days). So I am pretty confident that the sleep-time data is equally accurate.

What doesn’t work so well in the app

It’s quite awkward learning to use the app with the wearable sensor. I talked with the developer. He says this is partially due to the health requirement to disconnect Bluetooth while a man is wearing the device. So the app is not in constant communication with the wearable sensor. Sometimes the sensor and the app get out of sync with each other. I have had to restart the app quite frequently. And I am still getting to grips with the rather crude ways the wearable device “talks” to the user with a tiny LED light.

Downloading data takes a remarkably long time – for a whole night’s data it takes about 10 minutes. And I have lost a couple of recordings due to minor bugs in the software. Battery life is also only just enough to last all night. While recharging is neatly designed using a USB device, I found if I didn’t position the device perfectly on its holder it could take half a day to recharge.

And something I find weird is that you can’t download your data onto a laptop to analyse in more detail on a bigger screen. This is my top enhancement request.

If this all reminds you of the first clunky electric vehicles – well it is comparable as a brand new initiative. I respect the founders for daring to go where nobody has been before and I don’t expect perfection in the first year. This is a groundbreaking new technology, and it is still a bit rough at the edges. However it works well enough for me to persist. My mind boggles at its potential in supporting huge new research possibilities.

Why erection tracking data is important for health

The erectile tissues of the penis can be permanently damaged when a man’s automatic nocturnal erections stop after prostate cancer treatment. This is one of the reasons why many men engage in active penile rehabilitation. And if your nocturnal erections stop without an obvious cause like prostate surgery, this might be due to a much more serious heart problem. It was actually a researcher probing early-warning systems for cardiac problems that started the ball rolling for Dr Elliot Justin to develop this product.

It’s clear to me that large scale use of a streamlined version of this Firmtech Techring has the potential to revolutionise research into men’s sexual and cardiac health. In that sense, the data that users like me are generating is a goldmine. While I have been assured that no personal identification is stored with the data, I am still curious about ownership and control of this data.

Who wants a cock ring that measures erections? And where to get it.

According to the manufacturers, the first users of these devices were mainly men recovering from prostate cancer like myself. Now there’s a second category: perfectly healthy men who either want to prolong and strengthen their erections, or are just fascinated by gathering data on their favourite body part. I have to confess that I now belong at least partially to both groups.

Here’s where to buy this product (no kickbacks to me): Firmtech Techring ships worldwide.

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