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This is the beginning of a repository of resources for men recovering from prostate cancer and their partners and loved ones. Please bear with me as I build it – will be a bit lopsided till I get time to complete it.

Type Helplines and support groups Why this resource?
Support group RALP Cape Town Peer Support Group Most active prostate cancer support group based in South Africa. Good supportive resource. Email based.
Support group Prostate Cancer UK Support Community Excellent, generous group, active enough to get responses quite fast. Lots of sub-sections to choose from. Online forum based


Prostate Cancer Foundation of South Africa Access local information and help by calling the CEO direct on 083-616-0162 or ceo@prostate-ca.co.za
Live conversation support group Global Recovering Men circle on prostate cancer and men’s sexual health Open to everybody affected by prostate cancer and men’s sexual health, all genders and sexual identities. Monthly scheduled calls

Australia national support coordinator

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia Direct support and connection to community resources in Australia at 1800 22 00 99 / enquiries@pcfa.org.au
Facebook group Sex, Love and Prostate Cancer  Excellent, very open global conversation including about 50-50 prostate cancer survivors and their partners. Private group you have to apply to join
Facebook group Prostate cancer and gay, bisexual and transgender men Generous and supportive space for anybody born with a prostate and beyond heterosexual or cisgendered identity
Patient guide, info and support groups Prostate Cancer Foundation USA Excellent downloadable guide, readable relevant research, listing of US-based support groups.

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Type Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists & related services Why this resource?
Healthcare professionals MySexualHealth.co.za South Africa: Excellent nationwide network of health professionals including a number of pelvic floor specialist physiotherapists
Healthcare professionals Complete Physiotherapy and Men’s Health Western Australia: I reckon Dr Jo Milios, co-owner of this practice, is a world leader in addressing men’s sexual health and prostate cancer recovery issues

Men’s Pelvic Floor specialist physiotherapist

Pierre Roscher Physiotherapist – in person in Brisbane

Online consultation for South African patients 

Queensland, Australia: when still in South Africa, he helped me make advanced breakthroughs in addressing erectile dysfunction after prostate surgery.
Men’s Pelvic Floor specialist physiotherapist Sydney Physiotherapy Solutions – Stuart Baptist New South Wales, Australia: Recommended to me by a fellow prostate cancer survivor in Sydney.
Specialist massage and bodywork Male Pelvic Floor – advanced massage and bodywork California, USA: Jeff Gibson is one of the pioneers of men’s bodywork, massage and pelvic floor health
Type How common is prostate cancer? Why this resource?
 Academic paper Epidemiology of Prostate Cancer (2019)by Prashanth Rawla Up to date, global figures. Over 1.2 million new cases a year

News article

Prostate overtakes breast as ‘most common cancer’ in England – BBC News, 2020 Useful background about how the word gets out
Type Being in good relationship with cancer – and your partner Why this resource?
Kindle e-book Embroidered Cancer Comic by Sima Elizabeth Shefrin Soft, loving, wry and above all humorous in the face of adversity. A lovely gift
Type Resources for sex and intimacy after prostate cancer Why this resource?
Website ATouchySubject.com Informative, down to earth information specifically for men recovering  sexual health after prostate cancer
Support group Prostate Cancer UK Support Community – living with cancer – sex and relationships Generous, open, supportive, informative peer support group
Academic paper Relationship and sexual adaptation to erectile dysfunction after prostate cancer treatment Adaptation to our new normal is the number one requirement for regaining happiness after prostate cancer – for men and our partners.
Academic paper Sexual changes after prostate cancer treatment – gay men’s experience Forthright, down to earth, practical regardless of your sexual orientation. See also my blog post Learning from Gay Men
Personal tips Using a Vacurect pump to support sexual intercourse More intimate, practical and personal details about using a vacuum pump for sex with a partner than in the related blog post
Personal tips The last 5% of hardness can be the sweetest More than two years on, some practical reflections on ways to get back to enjoyable sex as partial erectile function returns
Personal tips  Practical senior sex in our 70s and 80s with pump and vaginal moisturiser 59 years together, this couple shares beautiful, frank and inspiring tips from their joyful, inventive and active sex life. More on their relationship in the related blog post
Personal tips Using a Manta for penile rehab and pleasure Don’t just rely on drugs like Viagra or Cialis to recover from ED after prostate cancer. Take matters into your own hands
Type Resources for penile rehabilitation Why this resource?
Personal tips Field notes on using a Vacurect VED for penile rehabilitation (Mish’s experience) Some of the practical details not covered in blog posts.
Action Pack Programme Comprehensive Penile Rehabilitation Program professional package includes videos, one-on-one consultation, vacuum pump and more Extensive information,  personal consultation, advice and practical resource kit from the very experienced Clinical Sexologist/Nurse Practitioner Melissa Hadley Barrett
Type Understanding the science of erectile function Why this resource?
Medical science The Central Mechanisms of Sexual Function
by Irwin Goldstein, MD
Very readable introduction to the exquisite complexity of the science
Type Online courses opening new pleasure pathways Why this resource?
Video-based training workshop with supporting materials Soft Penis Pleasure Masterclass Practical, playful and inspiring invitation for men and their partners into new forms of erectionless love making. My review in this post
Video-based training course with extensive support materials Connection and Cancer Reclaiming intimacy and desire Six week course for couples affected by cancer, facilitates deep change together and applies to any kind of cancer


Type Bigger picture Why this resource?
Personal recovery blog Strokened – how brain recovers from damage A deep, personal, revealing invitation into a bigger form of recovery than most prostate cancer survivors have to deal with. From my friend who had a stroke four years ago.